This is the motto of PLVR. It’s what Lars Rachen and Paolo Vincenzi do best. After all, they have developed an expert professional eye, a deep knowledge and an uncompromising aesthetic clarity honed from 25 years working in the world of art. And in an ever-shifting landscape of trends they wish to share these valuable insights with others, coupled with their commitment to impeccable service.

Paolo studied architecture in Venice and started his career in museum art installations, later specialising in modern and contemporary Italian art.

A former director of Christie’s New York 20th century design department, Lars co-founded McClelland+Rachen, a consultancy specialising in 20th century decorative arts and design.

“If we have learned one key thing about art, it is this: an important work does not lose interest. When you keep looking at a great object – a painting, a room – you always want to come back and discover new and exciting things: you never get tired of it.”

“We think that we should consume less, buy or collect only things of quality: objects, furniture, and works of art that are made with the purpose of giving great pleasure and lasting enjoyment. That is what interests us. And the complexities of that is what we service.”