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Monte Sibilini #montesibilini

Briol: so beautiful #briol

Briol: so beautiful #briol

Venice today

Cherry Jam today 🍒 🍒 🍒 🍒


The headquarters of Carraro SpA. in Campodarsego: designed by Gilda D‘Agaro, envisioned by Francesco Carraro



Marianna Kennedy

Spectrum I, 1953, oil on canvas, Ellsworth Kelly

Good old Days

Wild Wateriris

Double Portrait of the Poetess Sappho and Alkaios of Mytilene, 7th Century BC, Antikensammlung, Berlin

David Hockney looking at a painting of San Giorgio by Patrick Procktor, „A Bigger Splash ", Jack Jazan #davidhockney #sangiorgiomaggiore @fondazionegcini @marianna_kennedy @plvrservices

Marianna Kennedy, „Invincible Truth ", A Pattern Book of Symbols and Alchemical Colors, Binding by Charles Gledhill @marianna_kennedy @plvrservices #artistbooks

Home Office @plvrservices #yoichiohira @ceciledaladier #diegogiacometti #homeoffice

Peonie‘s coming!

„Diptych: Green Blue“, 2015, Ellsworth Kelly