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Zürich ❤️

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„Mädchen mit der Nelke ", circa 1880, Wilhelm Leibl, Kunsthaus Zürich

„Bust of Diego ", 1964-65, Alberto Giacometti, Kunsthaus Zürich

Fischli/Weiss, „Ohne Titel, (Chamer Raum)“, 1991, Kunsthaus Zürich

“Die Freiheit “, 1891, Arnold Böcklin, Kunsthaus Zürich

Table Nr. 9

“Reed Mirror, Marianna Kennedy, #mariannakennedy #plvrservices

Albrecht Dürer, Alte Pinakothek, München

Alps, early morning crossing

“St. Augustin in his Study”, Vittore Carpaccio, 1502, Scuola San Giorgio degli Schiavoni, Venice

“Finely Divided Square Piece ( for Marianna), May 1970, Carl Andre, Panza di Biumo’s Wunderkammer, Exhibition Negozio Olivetti, Venice

Pala Pesaro, Tiziano, Frari, Venice

Carlo Scarpa floor, Olivetti Shop, Venice

Imagine! The Indore Diamonds set by Chaumet, Louvre

What incredible vision: Maharajah of Indore, Louvre, Photo: Man Ray


Goya, Louvre, Paris

L’Univers Lalanne: Sotheby’s Paris, 23&24 October 2019